Modules & Prices

For and we maintain flat rates. With a subscription, you can actively use the selected module, but also read all the details of incoming offers or requests.  Bargelink does not charge other fees, commissions, rewards or simmilar. So no hidden costs! For all subscriptions our Terms & Conditions are applicable.

Preisliste_BL_dRegistration at is free of charge. Immediatelly you’ll get a rough impression about the European inland shipping market! Using Bargelink actively will give you maximum benefit. For detailed information please click the picture. Download price list.

Registration is also free of charge at And unlimited use of the entire system is also free of charge until 31.12.2016! Because we only want to send invoices if there is flourishing trade on the market place. As per 1st of January 2017 you may choose these options:

  • For companies with up to three branches:
    •   3 month period: € 35,00 per month
    • 12 month period: € 30,00 per month
  • For companies with more than three branches, we offer individual solutions. Just contact us for more details. 


Corporate citizenship

Entrepreneurship isn’t just a matter of turnover and profit: We are convinced, that it’s also a matter of corporate citizenship. That’s why we are active in our community and help people, who are in trouble though no own fault. With our engagement in Kiwanis and Rotary we support underprivileged children and youngsters. Beside our personal engagement we also help pecuniary: for every subscription for or we donate € 5,00 per year to Kiwanis and Rotary.