Solutions for efficient freight transport and perfect utilization of barges are hard to find. You can call old partners, comb through packs of business cards or send masses of mails. By chance and with luck and patience you perhaps may find what you are looking for. But instead of waiting for fortune you also may start working the strategic way. With  you have a market places for inland shipping in Europe at your service. The benefits are more than abvious:

  • Fast from zero to hundreds of potential partners.
    • Offering a cargo or a available barge or train takes just two minutes. While other still hanging on the phone, your allready have switched on the turbo charger for business chances!
  • Boudless chances in Europe and beyond.
    • The perfect partner may sit around the corner – or more than 1.000 miles away. With us you’ll reach them all.
  • At a glance the perfect overview over supply and demand.
    • Overview instead of info-chaos: keep calm and trace the trend of the transport markets.
  • Sorted and filtered, instead of shaken and stirred.
    • Intelligent filter- and sorting options helps you to separate important from unimportant.
  • You deside who will see your activites and with whom you do business.
    • Regardless what’s your role in logistics – you have to keep controle over your own information. That’s why only YOU deside who will see your activities on