Big & Heavy

100 m long rotor blades for wind turbines, silos with a diameter of 10 m, generators weighing 600 t and more or other cargoes from the “large and heavy” category – for modern inland vessels, such cargoes are interesting loads, but not particularly challenging.

Large and heavy loads are increasingly causing headaches for shippers and forwarders. This is because the infrastructure is hardly suitable for handling oversized and heavy pieces of cargo. Dilapidated railway and road bridges often require very long detours. And the approval procedures are lengthy and costly. Fortunately, however, there is a solution: the inland vessel!  Important to know: almost all major cities and important industrial regions in Europe are located on waterways.

That’s why Bargelink BIG & HEAVY is now available. The combination of the new map for heavy lift transhipment points and the more than 1,600 ships on, large and heavy transports are now a bit easier.

In order to bring more such transports onto the water, of course, transhipment points are needed. So that these can be found more quickly, we have begun to create the map “Bargelink BIG & HEAVY“. By clicking on the yellow icons, details (as far as they were available) are displayed.

Do you know of transshipment points that are still missing? Then we would be pleased to receive your message.