Bargelink Version 10.2 ready for launch

erstellt am: 16.05.2018 | von: Axel | Kategorie(n): Uncategorized @en

On Thursday, may 17th we’ll launch a new version of Bargelink.

Due to this we will shut down the server at 16.00 hrs. If everything goes according our plans you’ll be able to continue working with Bargelink the next morning. The new version will run on a new server and will have two new features: we provided the fields for entering places with an “auto complete” function and users of the premium account will be able to make use of the new copy-feature.

ATTENTION: For a period of time we will send our system-mails concerning newly offered barges and cargoes from the mail address To avoid that the mails disappear in your spambox, we suggest that you add this address as confirmed sender in your mailing system.

NEW: copy feature
Many of our customers already make use of a premium-account. This will become even more attractive. In version 10.2 we offer the “copy-feature”. This enables premium users to replace an existing barge- or cargo offer with new dates. If a barge or cargo becomes available later than expected, the original offer can be copied and send to the market with a new date of availability with just three mouse clicks.

New: auto complet
The fields for locations will have an auto complete function. As soon as you start writing, you’ll get proposals for places. This will give two advantages: you’ll be able to work faster and our database will become more accurate. This will enable use to provide you with better statistics.

Premium accounts: Offers with logos are clicked faster and more often
The feedback is clear: offers with a logo are seen and clicked more likely than these without. And photos of companies, teams and barges bring a more personal touch into Bargelink. See all advantages of a premium account:

  • Nieuw: Copy function
  • Chat
  • Link to your own homepage
  • “Datum filter”

Conclusion: : A premium account is the perfect tool for efficient working and effective marketing. The costs? Just 5,00 Euro per month. You may book your premium account (and also the Bargelink-Radar) at Modules & Prices.