Is there an obligation to conclude a transport contract?

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No. No matter whether you offer a ship or a cargo at Bargelink: You decide if, when and with whom you conclude a transport contract. And if you do, it is done outside our platform and bi-directionally with your partner. So the business secret remains intact.

Lost your password?

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To create a new password, click on “Lost your password?” at the top right of the homepage. In the field that appears, please enter your login (username). You will receive an e-mail with instructions.

Photo and Logo Upload

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Offers at Bargelink are perceived much better if the provider has enriched his company profile with a logo and photos. Logos are then displayed for each ship and each cargo – in the overview list and in the detail window. A photo of the team or the ship, for example, can also be shown there. The placeholder image of MS Marta is then automatically exchanged for the uploaded image!

A premium account is required for this. Company logos and photos can be uploaded in the “Company profile” (Account menu). To do this, click on “Browse (select file)” and select the file with the logo. If the correct logo is displayed, then just click on “Update”. Photos are uploaded in the same way.

Smartphones and mail apps

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Some smartphone mail apps have integrated “fake browsers”. If you try to open via an e-mail in these mail apps, these integrated browsers may have difficulties to enter our system. Please open Bargelink always with a real browser.

Which web bowser?

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Bargelink works perfect with:

  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera

Do NOT use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. This web browser always causes problems and is one of the most uncertain alternatives anyway!

Where in Europe may I use Bargelink?

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Bargelink may be used on almost every european waterway. To simplify the use of Bargelink we “devided” in Europe in business ranges (in alphabetical order)

  • Antwerp / Ghent
  • Belgium
  • Brandenburg / Odra
  • Canal-rane north of Münster
  • Canal-range south of Münster
  • Centre-Bourgogne (France)
  • Danube (Germany and Austria)
  • Danube (Hungary  to Black Sea)
  • High Rhine
  • Lower Elbe
  • Lower Rhine
  • Main / Main-Danube-Canal
  • Middellandcanal (est) / Middle ELbe
  • Middellandcanal West) / Weser
  • Middle Rhine / Mosel
  • Mosel /Saar
  • Netherland – North
  • Netherlands – West
  • Netherlands – South/East
  • Nord / Pas de Calais (France)
  • Nord-Est / Alsace (France)
  • Pays de la Loire (France)
  • Rhine / Main
  • Rhine / Neckar
  • Rhône-Saône (France)
  • Seine-Champagne (France)
  • Sud-Ouest (France)
  • Upper Elbe
  • Upper Rhine

Please use this maps to get a general view.

Europa_400  Karte-VNF

Which language versions are offered?

erstellt am: 19.03.2015 | von: Axel | Kategorie(n): is available in German, Dutch, English and (new) in French.

Are there any fees or commissions on closed contracts?

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NO! All costs for the use of are charged with your subscription. So there are no additional fees, commissions etc. by signing a transport- or service contract between users.

Freight exchange or market place?

erstellt am: | von: Axel | Kategorie(n): and are market places – for ideas and opportunities. Unlike an freight exchange, where it’s about freight rates, conditions and a cheap jack. Freight exchanges could have the effect, that they are abused to increase price erosion. Depending on a market situation this can lead to a downward spiral of freigth rates. This is NOT our intention.

Negotiations take place outside the system, directly between potential partners. At and it goes about concepts, quality and ideas, and not the cheap jack!

What other services are offered?

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NONE! As operator of and we concentrate solely on providing the two market places. So nothing such like consulting etc. This would be in conflict to our policy of neutrality.