What other services are offered?

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NONE! As operator of Railcargo-Online.com and Bargelink.com we concentrate solely on providing the two market places. So nothing such like consulting etc. This would be in conflict to our policy of neutrality.

Who are the shareholders of Bargelink?

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Bargelink is a family owned company. Shareholders are managing director Axel Götze-Rohen and Dr. Anja Rohen, managing director of Abfall-Inform.

When was Bargelink founded?

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Originally the company was founded in Rotterdam as Bargelink.com N.V. on the 1st of january 2001. At the end of 2002, the company was taken over in a management-buy-out by Axel Götze-Rohen. As from 1st of january 2003 the company changed to Bargelink GmbH in Xanten.

Is Bargelink neutral?

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Bargelink is an absolut neutral provider of Bargelink.com and Railcargo-Online.com. We’ll never be part of any transport- or rental contract, sell or buy any assets nor participate in any other business contact between the users of the system. All proceedings or negotiations between users will only take place outside the system and diretly among themselves.