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When Bargelink.com startet the big journey on March 5th, 2001 the objective was clear.

But course and itinerary was quite nebulous. The weather wasn’t promising and instead of good wished there was critisism, rancorousness, abuse and scornful laughter.
The scope of negative comments reached from “absolute nonsense” over “will never work” up to “you should be blown up”. But there where also a lot of good wishes and compliments. After 15 years we now may say: the optimists has been proved right. Although the founding partners wasn’t that self-convident. British Petroleum, Vopak, PetroPlus, Marquard & Bahls and Booz & Company stopped their shareholding after two years. The management-buy-out in December 2002 was a crucial step for Bargelink. Managing director Axel Götze-Rohen set a new course: full concentration on the dry-cargo segment in inland navigation.

15 years later all noteworthy shipping agents and shipping companies in Europe are active at Bargelink.com. They are joined by shippers from industry & trade and a fleet of 1.500 inland barges of all grades of tonnage. Every month there are offered about 3.500 – 4.000 barges offered as available in the European waterway network. Cargo offers in 2015 reached a new record of more than 40 millionen tons.

Of cource we are happy about this success story. We know, that we owe this success to our clients, partners, supporters and crew. Thank you so much! And we consider this as a mission for the future.

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