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How will the future of inland shipping look like? Due to the wide range of topics there aren’t simple answers.

We at will continue to concentrate on the development of tools, which will help to organize supply and demand in the “wet” logistics world.

Disposition in industry, trade, logistics and forwarding offers new challenges every day. Customer requirements, infrastructure, policy, human resources, weather and of course supply and demand. Will I find the fitting cargo for my capacities or the optimal mode of transport for my cargo? Since almost 15 years Bargelink offers answers and tools for this kind of questions. To be able to continue to provide logistic experts, forwarders, shipping companies and shippers with the best tools for their daily work, we now started the development of version 10.0 of We have big plans and think it’s reasonable to jump from the actual version 8.0 directly to 10.0. will be faster, better structured and more user friendly. Here we talk about “responsive design”. This technology will display Bargelink perfectly on mobile devises like smart phones and tablets.

Regarding to content there will be two main new features: we would like to offer the possibility to start active barge-searches. Instead of using the detour via offering a cargo or searching in the list of offered barges, you’ll be able to find the perfect fitting barge. That offers the chance to find a barge, that’s in the database but not (yet) offered in the FreightScout. The other topic will be market research, analytics and big data. That’s about the question, how to realize more profit by analyzing facts and figures in the database. We’ll present more details in the upcoming time. Stay curious!