20 years Bargelink.com

erstellt am: 05.03.2021 | von: Axel | Kategorie(n): Inland navigation

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Bargelink is giving all subscribers a free upgrade to a premium account.

When Bargelink.com, the online marketplace for the European inland navigation market, went online on 5 March 2001, the players reacted very differently. Shippers from industry and trade showed cautious interest. Single barge owners welcomed the new offer, which provided them with more market overview. Agents and forwarders, on the other hand, perceived precisely this aspect as a threat. We were laughed at, called a nest-destroyer and sometimes even threatened. After some time, however, attitudes changed. Today, every relevant agent or inland shipping forwarder is using Bargelink. And the “Bargelink fleet” is now 1,562 ships in size and has a total tonnage of over 4.2 million tonnes.

Today, Bargelink is an indispensable tool for the vast majority of players in the European inland navigation market in their daily work. The cargo offered on the platform has amounted to about 10 million tonnes in each of the last years and every month about 1,500 inland vessels are offered on all European waterways.

For our 20th birthday, Bargelink is giving all subscribers an upgrade to a “premium account” for this year. With the upgrade, users can upload their company logo and photos (for example of the team or their own ship), use additional filters and negotiate and exchange transport details in an integrated chat.

With this, we would like to thank all our business partners for their loyalty and support. In part, we still have customers from the first days of Bargelink; in the case of the group of single barge owners, even in the second generation. We would also like to thank Jan Noorlander, who has been on board since 2001 and looks after the Bargelink helpdesk.