New barge database

erstellt am: 17.03.2022 | von: Axel | Kategorie(n): Inland navigation

Bargelink release a new version (10.2) of our system. Here we have concentrated on the ship database. On Monday 21.03.2022 at 19.00 hrs we will release the new version. Then Bargelink will be temporarily not available.

Heavy cargo
The market segment for heavy cargo, among others, is becoming increasingly important for inland navigation. Bridges and roads in desolate conditions offers opportunities for water transport. In this case it’s important for clients to know, how many tons per square meter can be loaded into the ships holds. Therefore, we have added the new field “Load capacity of the hold in t/m²” in the section „Holds” of our database. If you enter a value here, customers can search for it with the Bargelink-RADAR.

Green Award
Even though inland navigation is already the most environmental friendly mode of transport, the sector cannot rest on its laurels. Amongst other things, the “Green Award” allows ships to demonstrate that they meet high environmental standards. So we have added a new checkbox in the section “Permits-Certificates-Details”. If your ship has a Green Award Certificate, you can put a tick in this new sheet. Do not forget to click on “Save” afterwards. Then customers can search for ships with a “Green Award” in the Bargelink-RADAR.

Discount for Green Award
Companies, with ships, that have a Green Award Certificate in Platinum, Gold or Silver will receive a 50 percent discount on their Premium Account subscription. With this account logos, photos and also the Green Award Certificate can be uploaded. Customers then can immediately see how environmentally friendly a ship is.