Five exhibitions with Bargelink

erstellt am: 11.03.2023 | von: Axel | Kategorie(n): Inland navigation

This year, will take numerous opportunities to present itself to partners and (potential) customers. Weiterlesen

20 million tons

erstellt am: 16.01.2023 | von: Axel | Kategorie(n): Inland navigation

The year 2022 was a very special year for inland navigation in many respects. Weiterlesen

Danube Solidarity Lane

erstellt am: 20.06.2022 | von: Axel | Kategorie(n): Inland navigation

The Russian war of aggression prevents millions of tonnes of grain from being exported from Ukraine. Weiterlesen

New barge database

erstellt am: 17.03.2022 | von: Axel | Kategorie(n): Inland navigation

Bargelink release a new version (10.2) of our system. Here we have concentrated on the ship database. On Monday 21.03.2022 at 19.00 hrs we will release the new version. Then Bargelink will be temporarily not available.

20 years

erstellt am: 05.03.2021 | von: Axel | Kategorie(n): Inland navigation

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Bargelink is giving all subscribers a free upgrade to a premium account.


Corporate Social Responsibility

erstellt am: 24.12.2020 | von: Axel | Kategorie(n): Inland navigation

At Bargelink we believe that companies also have a social responsibility. Weiterlesen

Release to Version 10.1

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Bargelink will release version 10.1 of the marketplace at the turn of the year. Weiterlesen

Connecting waterways and roads

erstellt am: 22.11.2020 | von: Axel | Kategorie(n): Uncategorized @en

Trucks can’t swim and barges don’t roll. But a new cooperation between Bargelink and TIMCOM opens new opportunities in cargo transport.


Salon STL 2020

erstellt am: 22.09.2020 | von: Axel | Kategorie(n): Uncategorized @en

In this very special year, the STL trade fair is an exceptional phenomenon